Sunday, April 13, 2008

See Summary of 22 Top Recommendations (Right Hand Column)

The First 22 Inductees (Honorees) Inaugural Environmental Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony 2008 at the Westin LAX June 6, 2008

Implementing the Technologies and Recommendations of the following 22 Honorees would be enough to totally transform the United States into a Self Sufficient, Renewable Energy Economy!

First Field: Environmental Media
Mario Van Peebles and Family, Mario's Green House

Second Field: Environmental Awareness
Art Linkletter, Spokesperson for Renewable Energy
Set America Free, USA Energy Self Sufficiency

Third Field: Environmental Stewardship
Environment America, Rep by Environment California
PIRG, Represented by CalPIRG, Campus Climate Challenge
Randy Hayes, Founder, RAN, Environmental Justice

Fourth Field: Energy Efficiency
USGBC Green Building, LEED Program, LA-USGBC

Fifth Field: Sustainable Transportation
Guy and Cyril Negre, Air Car
PIRG, Represented by CalPIRG, Light Rail*
RAN, Jumpstarting Detroit*
Set America Free, USA Energy Self Sufficiency*
Tesla Motors, High Performance Electric Car

Sixth Field: Solar Energy
Art Linkletter and Solargenix, Power Roof, Solar Hot Water
Amonix, 7th Generation Concentrated Solar Technology
Environment California, Million Solar Roofs*
First Solar, Largest Producer Thin-Film Solar Photovoltaics
Larry Kazmerski, Director National Center for Photovolataics
New Energy Congress, 100 Future Technologies, Sterling D. Allan
SunPower, High Efficiency Solar Cells
Stan Ovshinsky, Solar Energy, Father Thin-Film Solar Energy

Seventh Field: Wind Energy
AeroVironment, Architectural Roof Wind
New Energy Congress, 100 Future Technologies, Sterling D. Allan*
Southwest Wind, Small Wind Turbines, Skystream
Pac Wind, Microwind (Roof Wind), Phil Watkins, CEO

Eighth Field: Education for Sustainability
RAN, Randy Hayes, Sustainable Forests*

Ninth Field: Natural Capitalism
Van Jones, Green For All, Green Jobs
RAN, Bank Investment in Renewable Energy**

Tenth Field: Government and Legislation
Larry Kazmerski, Director National Center for Photovoltaics*
Environment America, Rep by Environment California**

Eleventh Field: Community and Utilities
CEO Space, BJ Dohrmann, Global Cooperation
Art Linkletter and Solargenix, Nevada One Solar Power Plant*

Twelfth Field: International
Ed Mercer, Edward R Mercer Foundation

*Denotes Second Field
**Denotes Third Field

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